Occupational Therapy (O.T.)

Based on the dificulties that a Dyslexic child typically displays, it is proven that Special Education, along with effective and regular O.T., will yield great results in the child. Students are often overburdened with attending full time school and attending O.T. after school hours, which takes away from their play time or time to take up extracurricular activities like sports.

Due to this, Akira uniquely has an in-house Occupational Therapy room with state of the art equipment along with a full time Occupational Therapist. This allows our students to avail both Special Education and O.T. services under one roof, within school hours.

Why is O.T. needed?

Due to the way their brains process and react to information, children with learning difficulties sometimes struggle to synchronise their muscle movements with the sensory input they are getting. Additionally, a child who struggles with sensory processing may underreact or overreact to stimuli, which can result in meltdowns or hyperactivity. One of the most widely used therapies for enhancing such inadequate responses is Occupational Therapy. It is a preferred method of treatment for learning difficulties as it is the main form of therapy for enhancing fine and gross motor abilities, as well as motor planning.

How is it done?
  • Children undergo a full O.T. assessment on admission into Akira, which identifies the type and extent of therapy required.
  • The Occupational Therapist and Special Educator identify suitable times for the child to attend that suits not only the Therapist, but the Special Educator, parents and most importantly the child.
  • An O.T. schedule is planned for the student and worked into their academic timetable.
  • Students attend 1:1 sessions in which their individual needs are attended to and group sessions to help them develop social skills, discipline, healthy sportsmanship and turn taking.
  • The Occupational Therapist meets the parents during Parent Teacher Meetings (P.T.M.) and upon request to discuss the progress of the child.
  • Suggestions are given to parents by the therapist to assist the child not only during school months but also during all school holidays / term breaks to avoid breaks in the therapy routine.

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