Multiple Intelligence (M.I.) tapping

What is M.I.?

M.I. is a theory that was founded by Dr. Howard Gardner in 1983. It suggests that the traditional notion of intelligence, based on I.Q. testing, is far too limited. Instead, there are eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of human potential.

These are - Intrapersonal (self smart), Interpersonal (people smart), Spatial / Visual (picture smart), Bodily Kinesthetic (body smart), Logical / Mathematical (number / reasoning smart), Naturalist (nature smart) & Linguistic (word smart).

Schools and culture focus most of their attention on linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligence. We esteem the highly articulate or logical people of our culture. However, we need to also place equal attention on individuals who show gifts in the other intelligences.

M.I. proposes a major transformation in the way schools are run. It suggests that teachers be trained to present their lessons in a wide variety of ways using music, cooperative learning, art activities, role play, multimedia, field trips, inner reflection, and much more.

How do we do it and how does it help?

Akira teachers have been trained in how to effectively plan and execute MI sessions. At Akira, students participate in weekly M.I. sessions that are each linked to the several intelligences. Students are exposed to fun and engaging activities in each intelligence to help identify their strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes and to help discover untapped potential. The strengths identified in the child are utilized by the teachers in the classroom to help build on their weaknesses.

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